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CLA 90 Softgels CLA 90 Softgels

For over 10 years CLA's have been a product we recommended in our fat burning programs.

While we respect that they are by no means a "miracle" supplement, we have seen our clients use them effectively as part of a program and many people swear by them as a fat burning product.

But CLA's should not be expensive. Search online and you will find flashy labels and crazy claims just to get you to spend more money on a product. There is no way we could do this to our customers.

We offer CLA capsules at an affordable 11.99 because we want you to create a fat burning program without breaking the bank! Use CLA's with Bodyform and C-bolic and you have yourself a strong thermogenic recipe!

With intense training, nutrition, and recovery of course!

You can also use CLA's as a stand alone product if you just want an edge over your bodies natural ability to burn fat. We have customers that have used them for years, and it's just enough to maintain that lean physique they desire.

We have seen the greatest results from our clients consuming 4-5 capsules per day. We recommend you start with less and work up over the course of a few days to assess tolerance.

Since these are a fatty acid be sure you store them in a cool place (even the refrigerator) to maintain the quality you want.

We offer a complete 100% money back guarantee on our CLA's so if you are unhappy at any time, please contact us and we will return your money!

Best Wishes,

Jason Vaught

List Price: $19.99
Our Price: $11.99
Save $8.00!
C-Bolic 95% Pure Coleus Forskolin Extract C-Bolic 95% Pure Coleus Forskolin Extract

Better Body Sports has presented the industry with the answer to gaining muscle, while losing fat: C-Bolic.* C-Bolic is a highly concentrated form of the herb Forskolin in a 95% extract.

List Price: $44.99
Our Price: $29.99
Save $15.00!
Nutriose Weight Management Powder 500 Grams Nutriose Weight Management Powder 500 Grams

Appetite control is a tricky subject. Every nutritional plan under the sun claims you will experience more satiation (decreased hunger) by following their programs.

While this may be true in some regard and for some nutrition programs, what do you do when the diet fails you? Do you have something on hand that will help you reduce your desire to eat those donuts that your office worker brought you?

This is where Nutriose comes in. Nutriose has been researched as an effective way to decrease hunger without any of the weird side effects those herbal pills used to give you.

Believe me, I once worked at a national retail chain and the amount of these magic bottles returned took up the entire under counter space!

Nutriose is a fiber that works to nutritionally help with satiation and can be used in incrementally larger dosages.

With most supplements, the more you take the worse it can be for you, but with Nutriose that just means you are getting closer to your daily fiber requirements.

Nutriose is the perfect addition to any meal replacement drink to help bump up the controlling effects while still nourishing your body.

Here is one of my favorites...

1-2 scoops of Whey Protein Isolate
1 ablespoon MCT Oil
1-2 tablespoons of Nutriose fiber

Mix and serve!

Nutriose can also be used multiple times during the day and many people include another scoop of it into their bodyform weight management drink.

However you take Nutriose, I am confident it will work well for you. If for some reason it doesn't please feel free to return it for a full refund. Your satisfaction is our business!

Best Wishes,

Jason Vaught

List Price: $44.99
Our Price: $29.99
Save $15.00!
BodyForm Thermogenic Fat Burning Powder - 40 servings BodyForm Thermogenic Fat Burning Powder - 40 servings

Enjoy the great taste and a slimmer waist all at the same time! Bodyform contains powerful fat burning, appetite suppressing, and energizing ingredients to help you power through the day. See what all the hype is about! Click to learn more about this incredible weight management supplement!

List Price: $59.99
Our Price: $44.99
Save $15.00!