A Business Built On Purpose, With Purpose!

Better Body Sports was established in Ventura California, by it's founder Jason Vaught on September 1st 2006. After several years of personal and professional experience in the industry, it became apparent there was a disconnect between the intent of the companies and the customers who buy the products.

The answer would not be found in a specific product formula or marketing effort. It would come through a grounded approach with direct communication with it's clients. Better Body Sports has been involved with many aspects of the supplement industry from one on one sales of brand name supplements, to international distribution of it's own product line.

While there was more money to be made in the business of distribution, we believe it to be a part of God's plan that led our company to focus it's efforts on direct client relationships.

This is where the company focuses it's primary efforts today. Be it in our retail store location or our online sales, we make it a top priority to ensure the client is getting the products they need even if that means sacrificing our own profitability. While this may be contrary to our industry as a whole, and may prohibit us from growing exponentially, we feel it is a purpose worth pursuing.

Our mission is to provide supplement solutions that are affordable to the every day man or woman who may have a family and normal household expenditures, without sacrificing the quality of the product.

Family man first, regular guy second, Owner 3rd.

While the beginning of this journey in sports nutrition was a solo effort, Jason's proudest development is the family he surrounds himself with. Married with 4 beautiful daughters, Jason finds the reason and need for supplements to be different today than it was in those beginning years.

While he still enjoys the pursuit of muscularity and physique development, the importance of being fit and healthy primarily focuses on his ability to enjoy his family. With the same struggles that his clients face, Jason develops his supplements with the understanding that for some fitness is a sanctuary of sorts, and for others it's a necessary but difficult process.

While his company is absolutely a passion, Jason also enjoys other passions that make him a more joyful person. Such passions include writing, the involvement of educating his children, golfing, lyricism and poetry, and as a self admitted coffee snob he also enjoys pretending he is a barista.

From Competing On Stage, To Competing With Life.

As a masters certified personal trainer and former natural competitive bodybuilder, Jason has used the contrast of struggling to get on stage to struggling through a workout after a long night of restless children, to find ways to maximize the benefits of fitness, nutrition, and supplementation, but in as minimal time as possible.

We Make What We Sell

When you purchase a Better Body Sports product, you are not just buying another assembly line produced supplement. Every supplement created by Better Body Sports was done in formulation and in production by the hands of Jason and his team.

In years past our products were manufactured by contracted companies who blended and packaged the ingredients into a finished product. In most cases, we found these companies to be primarily focused on the numbers and not on the end user. The battle between profitability and product quality consistently strained relationships between our company and the facilities that produce our products. This misalignment caused tension and prevented us from aligning ourselves from beginning to end with our purpose and mission.

In 2018 we began producing our products start to finish with our own two hands. Jason's dream came true when he was able to build an in house blending room inside of his retail store, becoming the first store in the industry to have accomplished this goal. Having our own in house equipment gives us the freedom and flexibility to make new products and improvements to our existing formula's without the constraints of pencil pushers and number crunchers.

One At a Time

While we are always looking to grow our business, it isn't at the rate that exceeds our ability to service the client. We believe our industry to be an extension of health care, and treat it as such. That is why even if your order is placed online, you will receive a call or email from us to be sure we are meeting your goals and your expectations are being met. We believe this should be regular practice in our industry.

If we have yet to have an interaction with you personally, we thank you in advance for the opportunity to do so either in person, on our website, or through our amazon.com business platform.

If you should have any questions before you make your purchase. Jason can be contacted directly at jason@betterbodysports.com or you can give us a call at (805) 650-6400. Thank you for supporting our family, small business, and the changes we are making in the supplement industry.

Team Better Body Sports