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Affordable Nutraceutical Series L-Glutamine - 500 Grams
Affordable Nutraceutical Series L-Glutamine - 500 Grams
List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $15.99
Save $24.00!
Proper Supplementation shouldn't be expensive. For that reason, we are excited to now offer a series of raw, pure, unflavored products that provide the proper dosage of essential supplements to maximize muscle recovery, muscle building, and fat loss.

Our Micronized L-Glutamine feature 5 grams of pure, raw, filler free L-Glutamine per serving conveniently dosed to 1/2 serving per scoop so that it can be used to fill in the gaps of lower than optimal dosed products, or by using the 2 scoops (1 serving) you can achieve the dosage respected amongst fitness professionals

The proper dosage recommendation is uncommon to those found on the back of supplement labels. Truthfully, for best results take 2 serving (4 scoops) at a time and take 4 servings daily (16 total scoops).

There are multiple recommendation dosages to follow but the easiest to remember is 1 serving upon awakening, before exercise, after exercise (but before protein intake), and before bed.