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Rather than listen to what "we" think about ourselves let's let the customers tell you what they think of Better Body Sports!

"After having my 3 kids it was very difficult for me to loos any weight and keep a natural energy level. Then i was introduced to Phoenix and C-Bolic and mixed that with a 25 min work out. The first time i took it i felt great it was like a steady passe all day and never had a crash feeling. For the first time in my life i lost 20 pounds 10 inches in two months! I know have the energy to keep up with my kids, husband, and softball life."

Nicole Delara

"Been using the Phoenix Fat Burner for a little over two weeks and my weight is down about 5 pounds already. Great energy and appetite suppressant supplement! I've already bought two more bottles in addition to the one being used in my log. So I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for help with their cutting, makes dieting simple."

longhorns_p ( forums)

"C-Bolic I believe made the biggest impact of the three products during my prep. I never felt like my body was getting catabolic and even believe that this helped me to gain a pound or two of muscle during this prep. I dropped from 184 to 171 in during the time I used BBS products for my prep and never lost any strength until the last week of my prep. I felt harder and fuller than I ever had before during a prep. Overall - 9.5/10"

RooRootj ( forums)